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Venetian Orleans- Limited Edition Prints Available

Venetian Orleans- New Orleans After the Great Flood
by Mark Schroeder Architect AIA

Venetian Orleans- New Orleans After the Great Flood, painted in 1994, depicts a futuristic and prophetic version of New Orleans.

After taking a photo of the New Orleans skyline, architect and artist Mark Schroeder painted an image of what the city would look like hundreds of years in the future. New Orleans was originally a wetland area, so the idea of a city surrounded by water seemed only natural in the future tense. The tone of the painting is meant to be colorful and whimsical, much like the city itself while the style is photo-realistic.

The artist looked forward hundreds of years, adding unique building elements along with a waterway and Mardi Gras floats to the original skyline. A parade of Mardi Gras floats rest atop barges as passerbys wave from buildings modified to address the notion that half of their structure is now underwater, just as the historic city of Venice, Italy appears today.

"My frequent travels to Italy have proven to be artistically inspiring. As a native New Orleanian, I began to wonder what the city might look like if it were as old as some of Europe's most esteemed cities such as Venice, Rome, Florence and Paris," says Schroeder.

This idealogy led to a series of paintings that examined the future landscape of New Orleans. "I took into account variables such as global warming and the fact that New Orleans is situated below sea level and shaped like a bowl, thereby making it susceptible to flooding. This led to the creation of Venetian Orleans in 1994," says Schroeder.

Twelve years later, Venetian Orleans' subject matter seems more prophetic than artistic, considering the circumstances of August 29, 2005. May New Orleans always be a city that celebrates its rich and distinct culture.

All of the prints were lost in the flood, except for the twenty (20) that were housed at the artist's office.

Mark Schroeder has been featured in Time, Forbes, New Orleans Magazine and The Times-Picayune. Venetian Orleans has been featured on CBS-TV as well as National Geographic Television.

On any given day, Schroeder can be found toiling on residential plans for other native New Orleanians. “My personal goal is to help rebuild my city, one home at a time.”

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